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The Team

The Coding For Veterans Project  

We provide high-quality 1:1 coaching

for veterans transitioning from uniform to the tech sector

This team is currently being lead by Coach Jessica Virtuoso.  Reach her at or @virtuosocoaching on Instagram

Angie Ahn
Educator.  Athlete. Milspouse. Mom of two.

I have been passionate about education for as long as I can remember and the quotes "be the change you want to see in the world" by Mahatma Gandhi and "education is the most powerful weapon which you can use in the world" by Nelson Mandela have guided my purpose.  I began working with at-risk children and youth when I was 18 years old and I was determined to support them in creating new narratives and opportunities for themselves.  I have worked with a number of children and adolescents in a variety of settings - academic, recreational, mental health and family violence, mentorship, residential and even in secure custody contexts. Regardless of my role, I made it my goal to motivate these people to make different choices and take ownership over their lives. I have taught in South Korea, completed my MA in Education Leadership, worked as a primary school teacher, and held the role of Assistant Principal for a few years before retiring from the Calgary Board of Education.  

I have always been a strong advocate for getting involved in sports because I appreciate the numerous benefits that come from being an athlete, at any age and level.  As a current University of Alberta Ice Hockey Alumnus, I was able to work with many mentors, coaches, teammates, and support staff to accomplish one of my dreams of becoming a national champion in the sport I love.

I am now a certified life and business coach and am excited to continue my passion for opening doors and leading people towards their desired destinations. As a military spouse and mother, I can provide a unique civilian perspective while being cognizant of the hardships and complexities that you may be facing during your transition to the civilian sector. Let me support you and pay forward the years of dedicated service you have given to this amazing country.

Kayla Buck

Mental Performance Consultant. Integral Professional Coach™. Connection Seeker. Lifelong Learner.

I am the owner of Prime Mindset Performance Consulting. I started my education and professional life in the recreation, sport and fitness fields. Since then, it has evolved to be focused on applied sport psychology and developmental coaching. I obtained a Masters of Human Kinetics in Intervention and Consultation in Sport and Health, which is a long title for applied sport psychology, from the University of Ottawa. Over the years, I trained with Integral Coaching Canada, to become an Integral Professional Coach™. I have had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life. The bulk of my clients have been athletes, coaches and performers from grassroots to the elite level. I show up for my clients to support them in their inner work and outer expression. We will work together toward growth, building capacity, shifting mindset, and re-wiring old circuits that no longer serve you. I want you to thrive in your life, personal endeavours, sport, business and in health. 


Meaningful connection has always been an important part of my being. The military life is unique, and although it comes with challenges, it also offers a never ending opportunity to meet new people. To fill my cup, I love finding myself on my bike, on a hike in the woods or being surrounded by family and friends. My two young children keep me busy and are the best teachers. 

Megan Donovan

Mental Performance Consultant. Army Brat. MA in Sports Psychology. Mom of two.

I am a Certified Mental Performance Consultant that has been working in Petawawa, Ontario for the last 12 years. I currently work with military members who are trying out for special forces selections, CISM soccer, and competitors in mixed martial arts and boxing.  I provide mental skills training focused on self-awareness and self-regulation to achieve optimal performance and maintain mental health and well-being in any domain of a client's life, i.e. athletics, academic, occupational, family, etc. 


I come from a military brat background and as a result grew up all over Canada and abroad. In my academic and professional career, I worked as an athletic therapist with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, a life-long dream, and in between seasons deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 with PSP. Upon my return from overseas, I took a permanent position with PSP as Reconditioning Manager in Petawawa, working with ill and injured, and pre/post-partum military members. In 2021 I completed my Masters in sport psychology, during which my research focused on what mental skills severely injured military members used through rehabilitation and consequently, for some, transition. 

My passion and drive that I bring to my own life, which has empowered and enabled me to chase and realize my dreams, I bring to my clients. My goal is to help you realize your goals, your dreams, and go after them with an increased self-awareness and ability to manage obstacles while on that journey and beyond.




Jessica Virtuoso, MBA, SHRM-CP

People Engager. New Yorker.
The Cool Aunt. Leadership Coach. 

After nearly a decade in People Operations and operations consulting, I founded Virtuoso Coaching & Consulting to pursue my passion of guiding people and organizations to discover their purpose, gain clarity on their direction, and capture (and capitalize on) their infinite possibility. 


I most recently served in a full-time capacity as Director of Operations & People at The Energy Project, a boutique management consulting firm working with organizations looking to prevent staff burnout. In that role, I coached, advised, and mentored internal staff. I also served for several years as an Assistant Director at The Sanctuary Institute at ANDRUS, a division of a nonprofit implementing a trauma-informed organizational model into human service agencies worldwide, serving as divisional People Operations. 


I work with individuals and teams to bust through the blocks that stand between what they want out of life or work, and getting it. I don't promise miracles...but I do promise a safe space to be who you are, a flashlight into the shadowy corners you aren't seeing to figure out what you really do desire, and a gentle kick in the proverbial tush toward reaching it. 


I am certified with the Society for Human Resources Management and hold an MBA in Strategic Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  I am  based in New York. When not coaching people and teams toward embracing their greatness, you can find me with family or friends, in spin class, or supporting domestic violence awareness.

Janine Knackstedt, PhD, CD

Organizational Psychologist. Veteran. Mother of Two. Mentor. Coach. 

Psychologue organisationnelle, ancienne combattante, mère de deux enfants, mentor et Coach.

I am a veteran with 39 years of service in the Army and Air Force, Regular and Reserve, including 8 years abroad. I am fluent in both official languages, and a few others. My academic background is in psychology of work, and I have extensive experience as a mentor. I am also a Certified Integral Associate Coach™. I retired 4 years ago and I am enjoying life’s many blessings and opportunities to continue to be of service to my community. It would be my pleasure to accompany you in this important life transition, while also providing you the support you need during your training program. 


Psychologue organisationnelle, ancienne combattante, mère de deux enfants, mentor et coach.

Je suis une ancienne combattante qui a servi pendant 39 ans dans l'Armée de terre et l'Armée de l'air, dans la Force régulière et dans la Réserve, dont 8 ans à l'étranger. Je parle couramment les deux langues officielles, et d’autres langues. Ma formation universitaire est en psychologie du travail et je possède une vaste expérience en tant que mentor. Je suis également coach intégrale certifiée™. Je suis à la retraite depuis quatre ans et je profite des nombreuses douceurs de la vie ainsi que des occasions de continuer à servir ma communauté. Je serais heureuse de vous accompagner dans cette importante transition de vie et de vous apporter le soutien dont vous avez besoin pendant votre programme de formation.

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