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I was raised in Toronto, along with my identical twin sister, by a single teenaged mom.  Some of my earliest memories include hauling a metal buggy up to the Danforth to do laundry and groceries, enjoying a good box of Kraft Dinner with hot dogs in it, and watching shows I probably should not have been allowed to watch.  In high school I was a pretty accomplished kid, achieving high marks, playing sports, and working as a summer camp counsellor and lifeguard.  At eighteen, I decided to put my leadership potential, athletic abilities and strong personality to the test by enrolling in the Army to pursue my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the Royal Military College of Canada.  What began as a means to an end (hello, free school!) became a life-changing journey of character building, travel, community, adventure and challenge.  Concepts such as personal character, holding oneself to a high personal standard, and mental fortitude were not ideas that I was familiar with, but by surrounding myself with mentors such as my upstanding peers, coaches and leaders, I learned to be on the constant pursuit of self-betterment.  Shortly after university, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and underwent a tumour removal surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy.  I lost all of my hair, puked my guts out, and developed an inner strength that I didn't know was possible.  I recovered well and have never looked back, going on to work normally again, marry my sweetheart, travel the world as a fencing athlete, and deploy to Afghanistan.  In 2016, I brought my first daughter into the world who was born with a rare genetic disorder.  I continue to learn so much about parenting, grief, and life in general through all of these experiences.  Although my life is fulfilling, I have an insatiable desire to serve others by helping them break cycles, build resilience, and grow as individuals.  After fifteen years of leading groups of 5-1000 people, and five years as a career counsellor helping injured soldiers transition to civilian life, I am bringing my passion for helping others, resilience-building expertise, and individualized support skills to our coaching calls.  I want to help you to unpack mental blockages, build self-esteem, identify patterns of behaviour and build forward momentum toward your goals.  I am on a mission to revolutionize the way you view yourself and your life, and to encourage you to evolve.


Coaching is all about you:

Personalized. Introspective. Life-changing.

The value of coaching comes from dedicating time to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and experiences while an experienced professional coach serves as your sounding board and pushes you to dig a little deeper.  For example, if someone said that their goal was to make $100 000 per year, I would ask them why this figure was important to them.  If they said they wanted more money so that they could spend more time with their family, I would ask them what their ideal week would actually look like.  Then, together we could discern whether the issue of quality family time actually has to do with money, or whether it has to do with one's attribution of effort and resources.  Unpacking one's dilemmas in a safe space where they are challenged to reflect and acknowledge their thought patterns is incredibly empowering and encourages them to keep moving forward, evolving, and self-actualizing.

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"Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own."

Michelle Obama


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